5 Points to Consider If You Are Thinking About Metal Ceiling Tiles

If you want to add metal ceiling tiles to your ceiling, you may know that the whole process starts with sheet metal. However, there are several steps that need to happen before the tiles are ready to install, and there are several decisions you need to make throughout that process. Here's what you need to consider.

1. Deciding If Metal Tiles Are Right

Metal ceiling tiles can work in all kinds of places. If you are redesigning an old building, you may want to use metal ceiling tiles to make a nod to the original architecture, but that's not the only place that these tiles work. They also create a compelling, intriguing look alongside of contemporary decor.

2. Choosing the Metal

Ceiling tiles can be made from all kinds of sheet metal. To create the look you want, you may choose from zinc, copper, or brass. If you prefer a more modern, shiny look, you may even want to use stainless steel or aluminium sheet metal.

3. Selecting a Design

The intrigue of metal ceiling tiles is that they put a unique design on your ceiling. Many companies that work with sheet metal will be able to show you a portfolio of design options based on their previous work and the metal dies (or stamps) that they have available.

However, in many cases, it's also possible to customise your metal ceiling tiles. Some companies can copy designs, and that is ideal if you're trying to match an existing tile or replace a tile on your current ceiling.

4. Honing in on the Right Production Method

As you will discover when you start to talk with various sheet metal fabricators, there are a two main ways to create a metal ceiling tile. You can work with a company that has hydraulic presses — that is usually less expensive and faster.

Alternatively, some fabricators prefer to use old fashioned methods. Typically, this consists of antique rope drop hammers repeatedly hitting the metal in a strategic fashion. This fabrication method takes a bit more time, but many people love the final result.

5. Thinking About Installation

You can attach metal ceiling tiles directly to the ceiling, or you can put them in a dropped ceiling. You'll need to decide before you put in the order, and if you want a dropped ceiling, you'll need to hire someone to set up that framework for you.   

For more ideas and information, contact a sheet metal specialist directly.