Laying Powder Coating and Wet Paint Side by Side

Metals have a range of uses in domestic and industrial applications. You need them for ordinary fixtures and fittings such as windows, doorknobs and staircase rails among others. Even though metals are strong, they are prone to corrosion when exposed to moisture, sunlight and rain. You must protect them from these elements to guarantee the durability of your fittings. Here, you can opt for powder coating or wet paint. Here is a look at both protective coating techniques to help you make the right choice: Read More 

Choosing The Best Metal For Custom-Built Garage Shelving

Storage space is always at a premium in a garage, and having some dedicated shelving fabricated to your specifications by a metal fabrication company is one of the best ways to create valuable new storage space. Having your garage shelves custom-built by a metal fabricator ensures that the design and dimensions of your shelving are ideally suited to your garage space, and give you the reassurance of durability and lasting quality that sturdy metal construction provides. Read More 

Choosing A Site for Installing Your Water Tank

Small water tanks, such as small rainwater tanks, can be installed in a DIY project. However, you must be keen on the site you choose to install your tank because it's just as important as the type of tank itself. Both will define how much you spend and how efficient the tank will be in providing water in your home. The location of your tank will also determine how durable it will be. Read More 

Three Guidelines on Improving Industrial Pneumatic Vibrator Performance

Pneumatic vibration machines are essential for bulk handling operations in the industrial sector. This type of equipment is designed to utilise air power to promote efficient bulk material flow. In general, if you choose a pneumatic vibrator which is suited for your application, you will have great performance and prolonged equipment lifespan. However, the environment in which your machine is installed and the maintenance practices could interfere with the functionality. Therefore, consider using these tips to maintain your pneumatic vibration equipment and improve long-term performance. Read More 

5 Essential Cooling Tower Maintenance Tasks

In many industrial zones, the cooling tower is located out-of-sight, which means that it is very easy to overlook them when carrying out routine maintenance tasks. However, regular maintenance of your industrial cooling tower is required to keep the system running safely and efficiently. Below is a guide to 5 essential maintenance work you should carry out on a regular basis. Only trained personnel should perform these jobs. Check the airflow Read More