Understanding Turnkey Projects: A Guide

Turnkey projects are those in which a product is produced and delivered to a client ready for immediate use. All the client has to do is set up or install the equipment. If you operate an industrial unit and you have not worked on a turnkey project before, you may be wondering about what it actually involves. Below is a guide to 4 key stages of any turnkey project which you will need to monitor and manage in order to produce a successful end product. Read More 

Wooden Tables for Gamers

Creating your own gaming table is a great way to start a tabletop miniature gaming community. Fortunately, terrain and boards don't have to cost a fortune and can be constructed with some very cheap cuts of wood. Whilst you can get rubber mouse mat boards that fold away and PVC mats with a waterproof marking, none of these offer a 3D experience that makes tabletop gaming such a joy. Granted these mats are portable, but in order to get varying height levels you'd need to transport terrain too which defeats the point of portability. Read More 

4 Expert Tips for Choosing a Site for Your Slimline Tank

Slimline tanks are essential in homes and even offices for the immediate and adequate supply of water all year round. There are several types of slimline tanks in the markets, and you will want to consider factors such as size and material when choosing one. However, even with the ideal slimline tank, you may not get the full benefits you desired if it is installed in the wrong location. While the location is frequently overlooked, it plays a critical role when it comes to slimline tank. Read More 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Equipment for Induction Bending Processes

Induction bending is an automated technique that aims at achieving bends without causing damage to the metal structure. Contractors prefer this method to most metal bending methods due to its ability to produce bends even on metals with small radii. However, the quality of the bends is highly dependent on the type of induction bending equipment used in the application. This article will address some of the key aspects that should inform your decision when choosing the ideal induction bending equipment for your project. Read More 

Laying Powder Coating and Wet Paint Side by Side

Metals have a range of uses in domestic and industrial applications. You need them for ordinary fixtures and fittings such as windows, doorknobs and staircase rails among others. Even though metals are strong, they are prone to corrosion when exposed to moisture, sunlight and rain. You must protect them from these elements to guarantee the durability of your fittings. Here, you can opt for powder coating or wet paint. Here is a look at both protective coating techniques to help you make the right choice: Read More