Looking Beyond the Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems reduce the temperature by cooling the air. Commercial buildings are the ones that mostly use these systems because they have various rooms whose temperature needs to be regulated. The systems pump cool water all over the building. Cool air is afterwards transferred by various coils in the air units. Going for a chilled water pipe is cost-effective because you wouldn't have to get refrigerants for each room of your building. Read More 

Appealing Finishes for Your Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel is one of the popularly utilised raw materials in metal fabrication as it provides an array of advantages. This metal is not only durable, but it is highly functional, which makes it suitable for a myriad of applications. Furthermore, the lasting longevity that stainless steel provides makes it excellent for whatever your needs are. However, to conclude the steel fabrication process, you need to decide what finish will best complement your project. Read More 

3 Pieces of Street Furniture to Consider for a Kid’s Park

Building a kid's park for your small community means taking on every aspect, including the outdoor or street furniture. You think of certain aspects, but there are other things you may not think of like the types of tables and waste bins that are being used. If you are on the planning committee for the street furniture to be used at the kid's park, here are three pieces you should consider. Read More 

Understanding Turnkey Projects: A Guide

Turnkey projects are those in which a product is produced and delivered to a client ready for immediate use. All the client has to do is set up or install the equipment. If you operate an industrial unit and you have not worked on a turnkey project before, you may be wondering about what it actually involves. Below is a guide to 4 key stages of any turnkey project which you will need to monitor and manage in order to produce a successful end product. Read More 

Wooden Tables for Gamers

Creating your own gaming table is a great way to start a tabletop miniature gaming community. Fortunately, terrain and boards don't have to cost a fortune and can be constructed with some very cheap cuts of wood. Whilst you can get rubber mouse mat boards that fold away and PVC mats with a waterproof marking, none of these offer a 3D experience that makes tabletop gaming such a joy. Granted these mats are portable, but in order to get varying height levels you'd need to transport terrain too which defeats the point of portability. Read More